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She Mob is “bizarrely delightful” according to “SF Chronicle”

Posted on Oct 18, 2017

Last we played on October 5th, we were sitting on the floor of our favorite Bay Area gallery, Creativity Explored, improvising a three-hour set for the Bride of Monster art opening with lots of bells, whistles, effects-pedals and various other bangy, plinky, drone-y, electronic-y kinds of things. We had no idea Beth Spotswood from the San Francisco Chronicle was in the house, taking notes. She had fabulous things to say about the exhibit, a great interview with our friend and exhibit curator E. Francis Kohler, and even a mention about us:

“Past the small storefront gallery and reception area sat the huge art studio. The studio’s soaring walls, nearly two stories high, were covered in massive art pieces. Any flat space — every table and chair — displayed drawings on paper and intricate paintings. A shelf of pottery was near a desk that was so covered in paint splatter, it resembled a Jackson Pollock piece. Two members of the band She Mob, both sporting brightly colored wigs, played bizarrely delightful music from a blanket spread on the floor, while guests sipping white wine from plastic cups stepped over them.”

She didn’t mention Alan (maybe because he was standing up), but he was there in full force, adding ambient soundz and even some of our trademark melodies for the full three hours. He was also the most punctual of the group to perform, we might add. Bride of Monster is on view until November 18, 2017. If you’re in San Francisco, you should see it because it is mind-blowingly good. The full review of the show is here.

Our friend John Hughes took this photo of us on the floor, having a good time at Creativity Explored, as always.

Alan, Joy and Lisa making noize at the Bride of Monster art opening at the Creativity Explored Gallery, San Francisco, October 5, 2017

October 5, 2017

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