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She Mob Bios

We Are She Mob

Joy Sue Hutchinson’s first song was composed in the family kitchen when she was in 6th grade. It is entitled “Eating Popcorn (Yummy Yummy Yum Yum Yum).” After retiring from playing acoustic guitar in 10th grade, intimidated by the excesses of the 1970s, she was saved by punk rock a few years later, went electric (which SHOCKED the world), and returned to songwriting. Here’s a few bands she played in before co-founding She Mob with Lisa in 1996: Not Now, Spinster Playtime, and Soft Pump. Joy also has a duo of duo projects with Suki: Junior Showmanship and Winner’s Bitch. Her sonic curiosity led her to obtain a certificate in Sound, Voice, Music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Joy now leads chanting, toning and improvisational singing circles in Oakland and beyond. Hear more of Joy’s work at SoundCloud.

Lisa McElroy wanted to play drums as a child but received classical piano lessons instead (and a tambourine, as compensation). Undeterred, she bought a used kit and taught herself to play when she was 30 years old! She’s the Grandma Moses of rock drumming. After playing various instruments in various bands (quite badly, she must admit) throughout the 80s, she, Joy, and Diane Wallis formed She Mob in 1996. The shock of parenthood put Lisa on hiatus from musical pursuits for a few years, but she’s back. Lisa writes obsessively about pop culture at Captive Wild Woman, and also writes screenplays, short stories and bad poetry, as a sort of hobby. She likes making up songs in different languages because it feels more cosmopolitan.  She makes art too. She’s all over the damn place.

Alan Korn is a veteran bassist and guitar player from the influential 1980s’ Santa Cruz scene. He joined She Mob shortly after its formation in 1997 (originally a trio) and played bass and lent his producing ear all the way through the 00’s. Alan’s work with Xtal, the Catheads, and Rico Bell (Mekons) sheds but one of many lights on his immersive love affair with music. Plus he’s a copyright lawyer.

Suki O’Kane is a denizen of the East Bay’s improvised music scene (Moe!kestra!, Daniel Popsicle), started in She Mob as Drummer Substitute from 2002 – 2005 and brought electronics, vocals and songwriting to She Mob’s Not In My World and a host of live shows. Now playing double-duty in She Mob on drums and bass (and keyboards and sample soundz). Suki has also joined with Joy in side projects Junior Showmanship and Winner’s Bitch.

Former Members

Karry Walker

At ten, Karry picked up her mom’s folk guitar and started writing songs. She took a liking to the Delta Blues, and didn’t play publicly until she was 24 when she placed 2nd in the singing category of a Fiddle and Banjo Contest in LaGrange, California. She then moved to the Bay Area and has made several records – two as Karry Walker, two under the moniker Ultralash, and the most recent with Myles Boisen as a duet called The Hollywood Laundrette. She plays bass with She Mob.

Jeff Hobbs

Bay Area multi-genre multi-instrumentalist who plays violin, cornet and reeds. A She Mob member for many live shows and during the recording of Not In My World.

Diane Wallis

She Mob co-founder who wrote songs and played guitar, bass and violin for She Mob from 1996 to 2002. Diane’s fine compositions are available on Cancel the Wedding and Turn to Chocolate.



Special Guest Stars

Michael Belfer
Myles Boisen
Heather Davison
Val Esway
Chris Grady
Paul Jackson
J. Neo Marvin
Joe Rut
John Shiurba