She Mob

rock, haunt, amuse and confound

She Mob History

Murder Ballads Show – Starry Plough, Berkeley

Named after an obscure 1968 exploitation flick, She Mob consists of Joy Sue HutchinsonLisa McElroy and Alan Korn. Past incarnations have included (and still include when time allows) Suki O’Kane, Karry Walker, Jeff

Here’s the full roster.

Our friend Neo describes She Mob as “Three cool, smart, over-30 women and their faithful male companion who play this lovely, shambling, rattly music full of anger, whimsy and poignancy with an unbelievably prolific repertoire of incredibly catchy garage-pop songs.” Thanks Neo. To this we do the requisite math to include over-40 women and over-50 women. Where does the time go, etc.

She Mob’s first recording, Cancel the Wedding is available on our own label, Spinster Playtime, and managed to garner many fine reviews from officially published writer-types. Our second release, Turn to Chocolate continues the fine tradition of musical good times. The third album, Not In My World incorporated chance operations, noise, ambiance and improvisation into the band’s pop punk sound, because pop punk sometimes needs all four of those things. The latest work, Right In The Head, is now available as of May 1, 2014. Catalyzed by Karry, this album documents a year of the fully female She Mob.

She Mob

We believe in stagecraft. And wigs.

Riddle us that.

These recordings were all masterfully mixed and mastered by Myles Boisen (Splatter Trio, Past, Present, Future, Hollywood Launderette and countless amazing improv bands).

All of She Mob’s music is available at CDBaby for you to enjoy for generations to come.

Like our recordings, She Mob’s live shows are filled with moments of spontaneous whimsy, a charming lack of pretense and at times, outright confusion. Theme nights have included the three incarnations of Courtney Love, escaped lunatic, and bad acid, depending on the mood and costume budget. At the CD release show for Not In My World, we played the show back to front, which we, in our vast experience of directional things, do not, in general, advise. Risky.

Alan, Joy and Lisa making noize at the Bride of Monster art opening at the Creativity Explored Gallery, San Francisco, October 5, 2017

Making some noize at the Bride of Monster art opening at Creativity Explored, San Francisco, October 5, 2017

Thank you to all our photographers, including Sophie Elkin and John Hughes (this page), Myles Boisen, J Neo Marvin and so many others throughout the years.