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Say hello to She Mob’s fourth album, “Right in the Head”

Posted on May 1, 2014

Hello! It’s our latest and it’s available here at CDBaby for digital download. We’ll work on a tangible album format in the near future. We hope you enjoy this musical happening.

You know how people always say, “We had a blast making it,” and you think, riiight. Well, we really did. Joy, Karry, Suki and Lisa would never lie about this.

She Mob - Right in the Head

How did we come up with the title of our new album? We’re glad you asked—it was the perfect brainstorm of guesses and shots in the dark. Here’s a partial list of album-title ideas before we desperately grasped at Right in the Head.

Be Where You’re Supposed to Be
Believe in Yourself, Fucker
Bitter Has-been
Boil In You
Call My Lawyer
C’mon Little Griffin
Confused in the C-Section
Dirty Trippy Shitty
Down the Crack
For Reverie
Free the Snarl
Hello Everyone, We’re She Mob
Little Feedback
Lobster Girls
Mushroom Fist
Mycelium Friends
No Offense, But
No, YOU’RE a Nerd
No, YOU’RE the Nerd
Off the Cliff
Pitch Confusion
Prepare for Everything
Prepare to be Shockied
Put on the Cans
Ready to Go
Sanitized for your Protection
Seriously Crazy
Sloppy Chick(s)
Soft as a Fleecy
Stand and Stare
The Gone World
The Snarl is Free
Too Much Attitude
Turn Down the Burner
Wait for it
What’s Wrong (With You)
White Hot Snow
What Now!
Work Slippers
You Have Hurt My
Danger Wig

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