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Not In My World

Posted on Sep 10, 2005

Not In My World

“Of the newer records below, the longest and noisiest and artsiest, by the lady-led Oakland trio She Mob, is also the catchiest and funniest. How often does that happen? Of the older stuff, the Residents are probably noisier and artsier, but only the Rezillos are catchier and funnier.” – Chuck Eddy, “Eddytor’s Dozen,” Village Voice, October 20, 2005

“The local gals (and guy) and special guests who now constitute She Mob have come up with a swell new CD–their best yet–in Not in My World. Taking the energy and anger of early punk and fusing it with issues facing contemporary women (and men), the Mob’s music is a flurry of wild fits and starts and primitive, funky, dubwise Bo Diddley beats (and some sax), though they are capable of whatever they want to play (even a little something bluesy as on “Bad Cup of Coffee”). Fans of grrrr-lish bands, from the Slits to Le Tigre, will find much to dig on She Mob’s scene. – Denise Sullivan, Contra Costa Times, October 27, 2005

Not In My World is the third album from Oakland, California-based band She Mob, whose 1999 debut album “Cancel the Wedding” garnered critical raves from Greil Marcus and Robert Christgau. The band, a woman-led group of 40-somethings, came of age in the punk era, inspired by early Rough Trade girl-punk bands. She Mob has been called a “chick Ween,” and spews an iconoclastic, idiosyncratic mix of real-life stories and dream-inspired multi-genre songs that alternately screech, rock, haunt, amuse and confound.

Not In My World represents a new direction for She Mob, with the addition of Suki O’Kane from the California’s East Bay improv scene, and a new batch of songs that incorporate chance operations, noise, ambiance and improvisation into the band’s punk and pop sound.

In an era of emergent “Mom Rock” by older women, She Mob’s latest CD throws down the gauntlet with expressionistic songs about rage, ambiguity, Botox, cows, fairies, death, dismemberment, bad coffee, wet kittens, stains, contempt, insecurity, expired cough syrup and the Royal Tenenbaums.

Not In My World features core members (Joy) Sue Hutchinson, Alan Korn (Catheads) and Suki O’Kane (Moe!kestra) in a collaborative effort with Grammy-nominated sound engineer and musician Myles Boisen (Splatter Trio, Tom Waits, John Zorn), Jeff Hobbs (Lemon Limelights, Rosen Coven) and Lisa McElroy (founding member of She Mob). Illustrations by Matthew Waldron.

Available, for reals and as a digital download, at CD Baby and iTunes

She Mob - Not In My World CD insides

  1. It’s Unresolved
  2. Botox Party
  3. Volcano
  4. Wet Kitten
  5. Aunt Mimi Found the Clip Art
  6. The Cows Know
  7. Bony Wrist
  8. Bloody Valentine
  9. Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  10. Driving Around
  11. Bad Cup of Coffee
  12. Don’t Worry
  13. Contempt is the New Bitterness
  14. Several Secrets
  15. Mr. Fella Fella
  16. Expired Cough Syrup (Don’t Drink It)
  17. Fingernail
  18. Bend Down Low

Suki O’Kane – Drums, vocals, electronics * Joy (Sue) Hutchinson – guitars, vocals * Alan Korn – bass guitar, keyboards, synths
With Jeff Hobbs – violin, saxophone, alto clarinet, cornet * Myles Boisen – electric guitar, lap steel * Lisa McElroy – vocals * copyright 2005 She Mob/Bonefish Music, BMI

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