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Bloody Valentine music video and science experiment

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From Not in our World, we demonstrate the effects of surface tension with poly-rhythms for a smarter music-video experience.

Snow Smoked video – finally!

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It was a struggle to find footage for “Snow Smoked” (from the fourth album, Right in the Head), but thanks again to the Prelinger Archives, Lisa thinks this works. So if it doesn’t, take it up with her. And she’s writing this in the third person, so if that’s not working for you, mention that as well. What’s her problem?

Anyway, Suki’s singing lead in a composition she collaborated with alongside Allen Whitman and Jonathan Segel, working from lyrics by Erik Ehn. The whole thing rocks. Trust us. We’re She Mob and we wouldn’t lie about that.

Botox NOW! – She Mob’s Botox Party Video is now

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From the intriguing third album, Not In My World (2005). Prelinger Archives footage shows girls how to be at their best, always.

A Heavy Metal Moment with She Mob – Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

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Back in the year 2000, Lisa wanted to make some heavy metal, to celebrate her roots in Concord, California where she grew up among the cows and heshers (she used to DJ at her high school station, KVHS, and it’s still solidly metal). Alan came up with the count and general riff after Lisa told him it should go like this, “DUN dun dun DUN dun dun.” The rest is all attitude.

From Turn to Chocolate, 2001, with footage from the fabulous Prelinger Archives.

She Mob – then and now (video comparison)

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Not really a comparison. More of a, well, OK, a comparison—why not?

First, “Teacher” from the 1999 debut, Cancel the Wedding. Diane really belted this out and many career-minded educational types over the years nodded their heads with empathy.


And “Arnica” – This was recorded a few years ago and features Joy, Suki and Alan. It’s on the newest album, Right in the Head. She Mob has always fluctuated among musical genres, in this case, punk to ditty (and no doubt back again).

The videos just keep right on coming – “Expired Cough Syrup (Don’t Drink It)”

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Back in 2005, She Mob released what’s probably the closest we’ve come to a concept album, Not in my World. What’s the concept? It’s complicated. In fact, that’s probably as good a guess as any: complications. Or as we say in Spanglish: complicado!

Anyhoo, “Expired Cough Syrup (Don’t Drink It)” is based on a true story, set to music, as once experienced by Joy. Contains Suki samples! Alan is also on hand on the synth. The footage is from “Hidden Treasures,” a 1951 scientific-educational gem from the A/V Geeks Archive. Check them out for all your found-footage needs.

Throwback Thursday – “Mrs. Idey” from ‘Cancel the Wedding’ (1999)

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Remember the 90s? What a time we had! “Mrs. Idey” was always fun to play live—there was shouting, weird-ass harmonies, ominous clanging guitars, even a slide whistle. Another She Mob song about ill health from our first album, Cancel the Wedding. Color footage from the Prelinger Archives.


Blast From the Past – Was Ist Das? Music Video

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Never before has a music video been created from any of the music on She Mob’s second album, Turn to Chocolate. This oversight was unintentional and not a critical comment on our sophomore album, which is a very nice album indeed. Here’s “Was Ist Das?,” the song with the German chorus, based on actual events you’re all sure to enjoy. The footage is from “Decomposed Carnival” from the Internet Archive. This was a film found in a basement in Rochester, New York, that had not been stored in a pristine manner—hence, decomposition. But that doesn’t mean it would end up in a landfill. No, it ended up here, in a She Mob video.

Why don’t you check out a She Mob video?

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Here’s the newest from the fourth album, Right in the Head. “(My Baby) Done (Me Wrong),” with footage courtesy of the Prelinger Archive. More videos are available on our Video Page, of course.

This is a She Mob promotional-material post

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Are you a radio DJ or other media-type person? Would you like She Mob’s latest album, “Right in the Head” to play on your show? Email us at
hello (at) shemob (dot) org
and we’ll talk. Or you know, network. It’s our fourth album and ready for listener-appreciation.


Look at all these promotional materials!