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Snow Smoked video – finally!

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015

It was a struggle to find footage for “Snow Smoked” (from the fourth album, Right in the Head), but thanks again to the Prelinger Archives, Lisa thinks this works. So if it doesn’t, take it up with her. And she’s writing this in the third person, so if that’s not working for you, mention that as well. What’s her problem? Anyway, Suki’s singing lead in a...

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A Heavy Metal Moment with She Mob – Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Posted by on Apr 8, 2015

Back in the year 2000, Lisa wanted to make some heavy metal, to celebrate her roots in Concord, California where she grew up among the cows and heshers (she used to DJ at her high school station, KVHS, and it’s still solidly metal). Alan came up with the count and general riff after Lisa told him it should go like this, “DUN dun dun DUN dun dun.” The rest is all attitude. From...

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She Mob – then and now (video comparison)

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015

Not really a comparison. More of a, well, OK, a comparison—why not? First, “Teacher” from the 1999 debut, Cancel the Wedding. Diane really belted this out and many career-minded educational types over the years nodded their heads with empathy.   And “Arnica” – This was recorded a few years ago and features Joy, Suki and Alan. It’s on the newest album,...

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