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She Mob Photo Archive (click on tiny images to get bigger images):
Punishment 2000 Tour: Eugene was pretty darn nice and we opened for a solo artist there named Honey Vizer who's a funny and creative singer/songwriter. Best time was Portland where the populace continues to rock. Seattle's so jaded that our soundman actually said, "I don't see bands any more—I'm too jaded." Bummer, dude.

Nothing's scarier than Courtney Love, so this Halloween we paid homage by dressing as her three incarnations: Junkie Punk, Kinder Whore and Hollywood Glamor Queen. The results were quite frightful.

Clarion Alley Benefit—Clarion Alley is in the Mission District in San Francisco and there's a lot of murals there. In order for the murals to spread throughout the city, a benefit was held and that's why we were playing along with 25 other bands.

Halloween at the Purple Onion. That's Sky Saxon of The Seeds in the lower left-hand corner. Unbeknownst to us, we were booked as his back-up band for the night. Neo holds the Orb—formerly a staple at all She Mob shows. Its delicate mechanisms could only take so much abuse. R.I.P. Orb.

It was escaped lunatic night at the Stork Club in downtown Oakland. A sort of homage to the Slits and Bette Davis—the later years.

Thanks to our photographers: Michael Truncale, Jane Goldstone, Debi Moss, Sherry LaVars, James Oterreau, Diane Komater, Kyle Craven, May Sui, J Neo Marvin, Glenn Bachmann.