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Sue Hutchinson
Sue Hutchinson is a work-in-progress. She's been in bands you've never heard of ever since her days/nights as a college radio dj a very long time ago. Hutchinson's day job in the "change not charity" social justice sector of philanthropy vectors her energy a certain way. Her night job has her teetering at the edge of the unknown, staring into the abyss. Oh, and pretty flowers.


sue at shemob dot com

a loud and dark boy/girl aural assault with lots of laughs, a few sing-a-longs and more than a few swear words. Death By Stork plays very fast and is comprised of original She Mob drummer Lisa McElroy, Andrew Sano
(Punk Rock Orchestra), Tony Remington (Lizards of Oz) and Hutchinson.

death by stork
an electro-acoustic duo of Hutchinson plus a rotating roster of special guests (Suki O'Kane, Jeffrey Ruiz, Sophie Elkin, Elizabeth August) that pulls the stray thead of life's existential sweater.

junior showmanship

Winner's Bitch

the speed-thrash duo of Hutchinson (guitar) and Suki O'Kane (drums) invented in two memorable performances of 1-minute hardcore songs about mammograms, inexcusable lack of decision-making power in others, and the absurd size of glucosamine tablets.

a consortium of songwriters who use marathon speed-writing techniques to unlock new song material: a core inspiration for much of She Mob's last release Not In My World.


Alan Korn
Veteran bassist and guitar player from the influential Class of 19eightysantacruz brings an ear for the Authentic Sound of Now. Alan's work with Xtal, the Catheads, and Rico Bell (Mekons) sheds but one of many lights on his immersive love affair with music.



Special Guests

Throughout its history, She Mob has had the pleasure of collaborating with a panolopy of talented musicans, filmmakers and visual artists. Here is the distinguished roster:

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  • Jeff Hobbs
    Bay Area multi-genre multi-instrumentalist who plays violin, cornet and reeds on stage and in the studio with She Mob

  • Lisa McElroy
    She Mob co-founder, visual artist, filmmaker and web designer who wrote songs and played drums for She Mob from 1999 to 2002, and now performs on keyboards and vocals

  • Myles Boisen
    who plays guest bass and guitar live and in the studio with She Mob while also providing engineering and mastering of She Mob recordings in Guerrilla Recording | Headless Buddha Lab

  • Eric Din
    sharing a rehearsal space and a kinship while playing guitar live on stage with She Mob

  • Val Esway
    Ameri-kinda singer-songwriter who has provided guitar, bass and vocals to She Mob's recordings and live performances

  • Paul Jackson
    Keyboardist for The Uptones and guest on She Mob's second album Turn to Chocolate

  • J Neo Marvin
    comingled with Alan Korn's Xtal roots and now a fully fledged Content Provider, Neo plays guest guitar, bass, and melodica live and in the studio with She Mob

  • Suki O'Kane
    a denizen of the East Bay's improvised music scene (Moe!kestra!, Daniel Popsicle), was Drummer Substitute from 2002 - 2005 bringing electronics, vocals and songwriting to She Mob's Not In My World and a host of live shows. Appears with Sue in side projects Junior Showmanship and Winner's Bitch

  • Joe Rut
    Guitarist and singer-songwriter who started with She Mob by standing on a chair and playing the suspended Budweiser Guitar over the Starry Plough stage during She Mob's debut of "Bad Cup of Coffee"

  • Diane Wallis
    She Mob co-founder who wrote songs and played guitar, bass and violin for She Mob from 1999 to 2002


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